Turbine 6461-6463

Monolec® Turbine Oil 6461-6463 reduces varnish and water contamination, and lengthens equipment life and drain intervals.

It is highly effective on steam, hydro and gas turbine applications, and has excellent water separation characteristics, rust and oxidation inhibitors, as well as improved wear-reducing properties.

It has select low-volatility paraffinic base fluids enhanced with a synergistic mix of high-performance additives.

The Monolec Turbine Oil gives increased protection against wear with no negative effect on the oxidation life of the oil. The proprietary wear-reducing additive does not decrease the oxidation resistance of turbine oils, unlike other anti-wear additives.

Certain turbine applications, including gear-driven turbines or those in which a hydraulic control system and turbine share the same oil, require oil with anti-wear properties.