NAC offers highly specialised NAC Reporter nuclear material control and accounting (MC&A) software to countries and facilities around the world.

In the early 1990s, NAC redesigned and rebuilt the US Government’s nuclear material control and accounting (MC&A) system.

The system operated under three separate sets of accounting rules integrated into one platform and was designed to meet the needs of:

  • US Department of Energy (DOE), including its weapon facilities
  • US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) for the commercial industry
  • International reporting requirements of the IAEA and US trading partner countries (obligations tracking)

Following the NAC redesign, the US system became much more efficient, more accurate and easier to use. NAC used its application development and operating experience to develop commercial MC&A software.

Based on extensive operational experience, NAC understood it could substantially improve efficiency and system accuracy by automating and improving the software. These improvements offer the potential for substantial cost savings and more confidence in the system’s accuracy.

Some countries require nuclear material supplied or used in major equipment supplied by them to be separately tracked (obligations). Obligations accounting can be complex due to the varying requirements of countries and the layering of obligations (some fuel may be obligated to multiple countries).

The list of countries and organisations requiring obligation accounting includes the US, the EU, Australia, Canada, and Japan, and is likely to expand in the future. NAC has a deep understanding of obligations tracking and designed the software to easily meet the requirements, a feature that differentiates NAC Reporter.

Nuclear accounting information is sensitive, and access is tightly controlled. To assure data security, users perform rigorous cybersecurity penetration testing of the application. NAC Reporter has passed each such test.

The NAC Reporter software also was designed so it can be adapted and modified for any country’s special or unique requirements (including different required languages). In addition, NAC Reporter is unique because it has been designed to function as a facility system as well as a state system.

Features include:

  • NAC’s experience operating and improving nuclear MC&A systems makes the company a uniquely qualified expert in this area.
  • NAC Reporter reduces system costs substantially while improving ease of use and data accuracy.
  • Designed for adaptability and flexibility, NAC Reporter software can be readily modified for a country’s unique requirements.
  • NAC Reporter provides a very secure, proven platform for effective and efficient nuclear material tracking.