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NAC-STC Storage and Transportation Cask, Licensed for Commercial Spent Nuclear Fuels


The NAC-STC is a high-capacity dual-purpose spent fuel packaging system with the first US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) licensed cask design for both storage and transportation of commercial spent nuclear fuel.

The NAC-STC is licensed for transport under US NRC Certificate of Compliance (CoC) No. 71-9235, Revision 22.

The NAC-STC is a steel / lead / steel multi-wall cask. It is dual-purposed for the storage and rail transport of canisters or bare fuel. In addition to shipments of bare or canistered fuel, the NAC-STC can be used for vitrified high-level waste and other specified nuclear materials.

NAC-STC Cask key features include:

  • Designed for both storage and transportation of commercial spent nuclear fuel.
  • Licensed for canisters of specific BWR and PWR spent fuel, reconfigured fuel assemblies, Greater than Class C (GTCC) waste, and High-Level Waste (HLW).
  • Can be directly-loaded with up to 26 PWR intact spent fuel assemblies, including high burnup spent fuel.
  • Meets all applicable NRC, US Department of Transportation and IAEA requirements.

For more than 15 years, the NAC-STC has been the workhorse transport cask design in successful international used fuel management programmes employing proven, time-tested operational sequences and equipment with minimised risk. As the only US NRC-licensed spent fuel transportation cask successfully deployed in routine transport operations, the NAC-STC is ready to support shipment to centralised interim storage facilities in the near future.

The NAC-STC system’s durability and safety are verified by rigorous drop, fire, immersion and puncture testing. Impact limiters made of redwood and balsa wood, encased in stainless steel, are attached to each end of the NAC-STC cask for added protection during shipping. The package is shipped in a horizontal position.

Leveraging 45 years of operations for safe, spent nuclear fuel transport and storage, NAC’s orders for nearly 700 transportable nuclear fuel systems worldwide, which includes the delivery of twelve NAC-STC casks.

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