There are OFS models for nearly every CEMS, or process control application in power plants, refineries, chemical plants, incinerators, air/gas handling systems. Our patented scintillometry measurement technique offers all our systems the same basic advantages.

OFS 2000 flow sensors feature:

  • Long-term reliability. No moving parts
  • Non-interfering measurement. Nothing in flow path
  • Full cross-stack/duct/pipe/line measurement up to 10m
  • Measurement unaffected by path length, media pressure, moisture & opacity
  • No flow media high-temperature limits
  • Built-in continuous self-test diagnostics
  • No calibration required. (Drift <1% year)
  • Velocity Range: 0.1m/s to 40m/s velocity (100m/sec available)
  • Accuracy: 2% of reading
  • Resolution: 0.1 m/s
  • Response Time: 3 sec to 600 sec.
  • 4-20mA and RS-232 data output.
  • Easy installation to ANSI 4in pattern pipe flange
  • Minimum space requirements: 2 upstream / 1 downstream diameters
  • Ultra-low maintenance design
  • Rugged, designed for harsh environments
  • NIST-tested advanced technology

OFS 2000 flow sensors meet or exceed:

  • EPA method 14
  • EPA MACT RSR 40 CFR 63.670
  • EPA 40 CFR part 60 & 75
  • EPA 40 CFR part 60 sub part J & Ja (flow)
  • SCAQMD rule 1118

Originally designed for industry to assist continuous emission monitoring (CEM) of greenhouse gas emissions further refinements have proven OFS use in combustion control, process control, flare line monitoring, tunnel vents – and more. There is an OFS 2000 sensor or combination to match just about any application.

  • OFS 2000 Combustion Air Flow: designed to measure combustion inflow air for more fuel-efficient plant operation. It can be used with any other OFS to measure stack velocities and mass flow for more complete control. Available as OFS 2000CW (Automatic Gain Control) also
  • OFS 2000W Automatic Gain Control: our most versatile flow sensor model. Equipped with AGC control to handle transient variation in flow opacity. Widely used for Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS)
  • OFS2000F Flare Gas: specially developed as a flare gas monitor where expanded velocity scale, wider flow media temperature range, and quicker response time are required. Meets EPA 40 CFR Part 60 Subpart Ja
  • OFS2000F Velocity: the basic stack air flow velocity sensor for use in just about every CEMS industrial application where it can fit. Robust accurate, reliable, low-maintenance, and requires no calibration
  • LOA 105: before OFS, there was LOA – with a 3km range developed for industrial use to handle large interior areas. Used worldwide to monitor aluminum smelting pot rooms. Its superior accuracy and resistance to harsh environments make it the sensor of choice