The aging of transformer oil produces acids, peroxides and aldehydes which when mixed together can cause the dialectric gap to be bridged and the eventual failing of the transformer.

The Utility Oils reclamation system removes any acidity and soluble oil decay with Fullers Earth treatment technology, which can return the oil to B.S.148 standard. The oil will also have better oxidation stability, improved tan deltta and interfacial tension.

Internal components including the cellulose insulation benefit from numerous passes of hot reclaimed oil as it removes decay procuts from surfaces.

Utility Oils advises regular reclaiming treatments every eight to 12 years to reduce maintenance costs, lower the chance of unplanned downtime and extend the life of equipment.

The oil reclamation system uses Fullers Earth which can be reactivated 200 to 300 times before needing to be replaced.The disposal of oil-soaked waste is unnessecary, reducing costs.