With Micafluid’s variable oil treatment plants, you don’t have to match the size of your treatment plant to the size of your transformer.

Micafluid’s oil treatment plants make your operation far more productive and save you money by enabling you to treat the oil while the transformer is on-load.

The oil treatment plants feature:

  • Off-load and on-load treatment capacity
  • Unsupervised operation control
  • Maintenance-free degasser
  • Variable oil treatment
  • MICAfoam (oil foam detector)


The Regeneration System (Model CRP) has been specifically designed for onsite use to completely regenerate insulating oils on transformers.

The CRP system provides regular oil purification such as regeneration and particulate removal, but its main application is in the removal of acidity, sludge, other soluble oil decay products and discolouration.

The system can be used to:

  • Recondition aged insulating oil
  • Remove acidity, sludge and other soluble oil decay products
  • Improve dissipation factor tan delta
  • Improve oil colour

Transformer drying

The purification of transformer oil only removes dissolved gases and water out of the oil.

The water captured in the paper insulation cannot efficiently be removed by only circulating dry oil around the active part of the transformer. Even the water captured in the inner layers of the cellulose material will be completely unaffected.

If the insulation material of the transformer core reaches a critical high concentration of water, the transformer needs to be repaired.

With a Hot Oil Spray process (HOS), the transformer can be dried inside its housing. This process can be combined with an LFH drying step.

The Hot Oil Spray features:

  • Best drying results in shortest time
  • Drying of active part
  • Removing moisture from insulation (pressboard)
  • Removing of dissolved gases from insulation
  • Eliminating sludge from active part