Velcon DFS

Diesel Filtration Skids (DFS) from Parker Velcon provide fuel conditioning to assure the consistent removal of abrasive particles and damaging water while transporting fuel.

The DFS design incorporates into one package for quick installation. It features the best housing, filter and coalesce technologies developed over the past 60 years to meet the most stringent ISO 4406 and ASTM D975 standards for emulsified and free water, as well as abrasive particulates.

Features and benefits:

  • ASME code carbon steel vessels
  • Flow rate range (135GPM to 1,045GPM)
  • Swing bolt housing closures
  • Independent differential pressure gauges
  • Air eliminators
  • Inlet / outlet sample ports
  • Hydraulic or mechanical housing lid lifting
  • Isolation and pressure relief valves standard
  • Fuel condition monitoring and / or electronic water sensing is optional


  • Bulk diesel fuel handling
  • Fuel storage reservoirs and tank farms
  • Diesel engines
  • Temporary power solutions