ECR™ Sub-micron Contamination Removal System is the missing link in fluid maintenance, managing the invisible in EHC systems. ECR™ is an electrostatic system designed to remediate lubricants and fluids, removing fine particulate contamination (<1μm) that passes through standard filtration systems. With up to 90% of the total solid contamination <1μm, the fine particulate contaminants accumulate, impacting fluid life and component wear.

In environments where lubricants and fluids lack the required electrical properties to remove fine particulates, the ECR can be used in line with the TMR N₂.

ECR™ features and benefits

  • Protects and manages the quality of lubricants and controls fluids by removing sub-micron particulates that standard filters cannot
  • Designed for use with phosphate ester-based EHC systems
  • Reduces patch weight by up to 98% or < 4mg / 50ml fluid
  • Removes carbon produced from micro dieseling and restores fluid colour