SVR™ Lubricant Conditioning System is the first of its kind, engineered phosphate ester conditioning system, designed to protect and manage phosphate ester fluid and system reliability.

SVR PE for phosphate ester fluid provides 200%-400% higher filtration capacity than most original equipment manufacturer (OEM) systems. It offers a high rate of filtration to keep your phosphate ester fluid reservoir in optimal condition.

SVR™ can be combined with the TMR™ N2, an engineered nitrogen generation system designed to remove water and oxygen within atmospheric breathing lubricant reservoirs.

Together, the SVR™ and TMR™ N₂ systems will provide optimal phosphate ester fluid quality, significantly increasing servo valve and EHC system reliability.

SVR™ PE features and benefits

  • Quickly reduces and prevents servo valve sticking
  • High acid removal capacity
  • Proven protection against solid and dissolved varnish
  • Significantly improves fluid resistivity
  • Significantly reduces solid contamination
  • Eliminates the varnish formation cycle that typically occurs when the oil cools during turbine shutdown
  • Engineer approved system designed to facilitate rapid approval and deployment
  • Very low maintenance and time requirement – turn it on and let it run
  • Low cost of ownership and operation