Power Fault Recorder

The Power Fault Recorder (DEWE-PFR) is a network analyser for low, medium and high voltage systems.

Due to the flexibility of the software, many activities can be done in a single box, from fault recording to RMS monitoring.

The instrument provides up to 16 (48) analog voltage or current channels. Along with its main task of monitoring and recording RMS values, it identifies and stores faults as waveforms for detailed analysis. A unique capability of these systems is that they can also use calculated line-to-line channels for these events.

Due to the very different requirements of individual transformer stations, a very simple and flexible hardware system is necessary. Based on the DEWE-PFR systems, these requirements can be met.

Arbitrary number of channels, an easy change of voltage and current input channels, user-friendly maintenance and cascading possibilities are elements of this instrument group.

In addition, highest EMV (electromagnetic compatibility) requirements are necessary. Differential input channels, isolated circuits and secure current paths are guaranteed by the DAQP-HV and DAQP-LA modules.

One central data base solution should be able to centrally store the data and support an automated reporting system. E-mail notification in case of an error, automatically updated recorder feature and the integration in existing SCADA systems are among the required functions. Report generator and on-screen reports are standard.