SVR™ is the first of its kind, engineered lubricant conditioning system, designed to protect and manage lubricant life and system reliability.

Using ICB purification filters, SVR™ goes beyond solid contamination removal, focusing on the root cause of lubricant failure: dissolved oxidation material. As a result of managing oxidation material, lubricant breakdown and additive consumption are reduced significantly, mitigating equipment-related failure.

SVR™ features and benefits

  • Quickly reduces and prevents servo valve sticking
  • Restores normal MPC varnish potential and acid number (TAN/AN)
  • Proven protection against solid and dissolved varnish
  • Significantly reduces solid contamination
  • Works all the time, including operating conditions when the varnish is dissolved in the oil
  • Eliminates the varnish formation cycle that typically occurs when the oil cools during turbine shutdown
  • Engineer approved system designed to facilitate rapid approval and deployment
  • Very low maintenance and time requirement – turn it on and let it run
  • Low cost of ownership and operation