Doosan Lentjes’s focus on technological advancements paired with its outstanding engineering ingenuity makes it a preferred partner for the treatment of municipal sewage sludge.

When working with the company, clients benefit from its extensive expertise in sewage sludge treatment, encompassing more than 20 incineration units successfully built in Germany and beyond. This knowledge gives clients the reassurance to receive the performance and quality needed for the project.

Tailor-made sewage sludge treatment concepts

By drawing back on its original equipment manufacturers (OEM) competence in mono-incineration, Doosan Lentjes offers advanced sewage sludge treatment concepts based on the proven, bubbling bed boiler technology.

In doing so, the company always focuses on providing clients with the most efficient and environmentally sound solutions across the entire process chain. These include:

  • Dewatering and drying
  • Incineration
  • Heat recovery and energy generation
  • Flue gas cleaning
  • Ash separation for further processing

Depending on specific client requirements, the company offers tailor-made designs of individual process sections or full turnkey plants.

Ready for the future of sewage sludge treatment

Doosan Lentjes’s advanced sewage sludge treatment solutions are the best response to the latest industry challenges and provide a number of advantages:

  • Full compliance with new legal directives according to the Regulation on the Reorganization of Sewage Sludge Treatment (Verordnung zur Neuordnung der Klärschlammverwertung)
  • Recovery of phosphor from separated ash
  • Maximum incineration efficiency
  • Low emissions significantly below the requirements of the German 17. BImSchV or European Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) regulations