The SJT / SJM CWP are made to order single-stage mixed-flow vertical pumps, with semi-open impellers offered in 750mm (30in) impeller diameter and nq 90 (Ns 4639).

They are mainly designed as cooling water pumps for power applications but can also be used in water or other industries.

Main benefits

  • Modern fabricated suction bell and bowl casing incorporating swirl break for stable pump performance curve
  • Semi-open cast impeller design for best fitting and optimum efficiency
  • Segmented elbow to optimise pump efficiency
  • Optional full pull-out construction to reduce lifting crane capacity and ease maintenance

Main applications

  • Cooling water pumps in utility and industrial power stations
  • Water supply
  • Irrigation
  • Flood control and drainage
  • Water services in general industry

Main design features

  • Tailor-made bowl diameter
  • Line shaft connected by split ring, key and sleeve couplings
  • Above or below ground discharge flange to fit the site requirements
  • Dual metal rubber bearings in bowl and column assemblies

Key characteristics

Capacities: Up to 80,000m3/h / 349,000 US gpm

Heads: Up to 38m / 125ft

Pressures: Up to 6bar / 125psi

Temperatures: Up to 50°C / 122°F

Discharge sizes: Up to 1,800mm impeller diameter / 72in

Maximum speed of rotation: Up to 600rpm