Kraftanlagen has developed its own process with an open volumetric receiver and air as work medium. It is inexpensive, environment-friendly and supplies power and heat from solar energy.

Solar energy is highly flexible and on-demand at the moment.

As a solar thermal power plant pioneer, Kraftanlagen was one of the first companies in the world that developed and implemented plants.

Tower construction with an open volumetric receiver is the basis for a simple, flexible and reliable process with low operating and maintenance costs that does not require dangerous media and uses ceramic storage, thanks to which the power production is not tied to the time of exposure to the sun.

Kraftanlagen achieves high-steam parameters with technology that is comparable to conventional power plant technology and guarantees a high-efficiency rating.

The use of conventional components, as well as the combination of a solar thermal power plant with fossil power plants into a hybrid power plant, is absolutely possible.

The process excels with its consistent environmental compatibility: only air and water are used as work media.

To learn more about Kraftanlagen’s concentrated solar power solutions, please watch this short video: Kraftanlagen München CSP Technology