GNS, a world-leading supplier of casks for spent fuel, HLW, and ILW, also offers comprehensive services for management and disposal of spent fuel and all types of radioactive waste from operation and decommissioning of nuclear installations. This comprises the planning of dismantling operations, decontamination, recycling, and waste treatment services. Design and supply of treatment facilities and all kinds of engineering support round off our portfolio.

Operational waste and D&D

GNS has a wealth of experience in segmentation, recycling, or packaging of any kind of metallic and ceramic materials. Waste treatment and other services are performed for all kinds of solid and liquid waste and for the whole radiological spectrum, from clearance to H/ intermediate-level waste (ILW) packaging (from very low-level waste to greater class C-level waste). Powerful, state-of-the-art calculation tools allow us to predict the radioactivity of components to be dismantled prior to any sampling and measurements and, with a certain benchmarking, reduce measurement and sampling expenditure.

Facilities and casks

GNS designs and supplies waste treatment facilities for all kinds of radioactive waste, which contain a great deal of GNS’s experience from four decades as an operator. GNS also designs and delivers waste containers (IP-2 or Type B) for ILW, resulting from both operation and decommissioning.