The Martin® Surfactant Dust System applies surfactant agents using a fully automated system to maintain a consistent treatment application, while avoiding waste. The specific details of the surfactant application are determined by the needs of the customer and the environment, with each system custom engineered.

Surfactant agents reduce the surface tension of water, improving its ability to wet surfaces and form fine droplets. When tension is reduced, random collisions between droplets of water and dust fines will result in the enlargement of the dust particles to the point that they drop out of suspension in the air.

Features and benefits:

  • Automatic flow adjustment eliminates waste and cost
  • Industry-leading quality components provide dependable operation
  • Specially selected spray nozzles for individual requirements
  • Sensors detect material load and belt speed to signal control unit and activate system
  • Consistent solution-to-water ratio at any flow level
  • Soft-start pump eliminates stress on pipes
  • Adjustable pump sizes provide flexibility for system upgrades
  • Visual operational status indicator lights
  • Customised surfactant agents to suit specific requirements
  • Remote monitoring capability eliminates unnecessary visual inspections