Lightning and other transients can easily damage or destroy sensitive electronics, causing expensive downtime and repairs. Lightning Eliminators offers a full line of surge protection devices for a myriad of facility types and sizes to protect critical applications, backed by expert engineering, consulting and support.

AC Power Protection

  • Facility Guard: UL listed protection for service entrance and subpanel applications with a peak surge capacity of up to 400,000 amps per phase
  • Transient Limiter: Nipple-mounted protection in a range of voltages and configurations for light industrial, commercial, and home use. UL listed, with up to 100,000 amps of protection per phase
  • Power DIN: UL listed protection for cabinet and control instrumentation with easy DIN rail installation. Individually fused MOVs provide 40,000 amps of protection for sensitive electronics

Signal Line and DC Power Protection

  • Data Line Protector: State-of-the-art series / hybrid surge suppression for low voltage data lines, available in a range of configurations for telecom lines, control lines, and more
  • Coaxial Line Protector: Patented gas tube protection for all types of coaxial line applications including antennas, microwaves, broadband, cellular systems, and GPS equipment
  • Transient Eliminator: Series/hybrid protection for telecom, LAN, and IBM applications. Up to 5400 watts of protection for low-voltage lines in a compact, modular design with low insertion loss
  • DC Surge Protector: Protects against fast rising transients and slower, high-energy impulses. Up to 10,000 amps of protection in a range of voltages for all DC applications