GNS develops and markets MOSAIK® casks made of ductile cast iron for intermediate-level waste (ILW), occurring during the operation and shutting down of nuclear facilities. The MOSAIK® casks are designed as transport and storage casks for core components and conditioning of ion exchange resins or evaporator concentrate. As the casks are equipped with the respective necessary connections, waste can be directly conditioned inside MOSAIK® casks with methods and facilities developed by GNS to be suitable for final disposal.

To accommodate various kinds of waste, the cask types have different volumes, wall thicknesses, or lid systems and may have additional lead shielding, extraction systems, and filter systems. These are the main features of the particular versatility of the MOSAIK® concept. For transport in accordance with ADR, MOSAIK® casks are available with Type B(U) approval certificate or casks, which are used as containers for IP-2 packages.