Ultrasonic Flowmeter for Control of Water Volumes in Main Cooling Water System

PROline Prosonic Flow is an ultrasonic time of flight measuring instrument that is installed directly on the pipelines via our DDU sensors. The ultrasonic flowmeter is used for the control of water volumes in the main water-cooling system. The transmitter DMU, which is mounted separately, completes the measurement system:

  • External installation, easy to retrofit with no intrusion into the pipe
  • Maintenance-free, no moving parts
  • No obstructions in the pipeline no pressure loss
  • Economical alternative for large diameters up to 4,000mm

Thermocouple Omnigrad TSC

In order to monitor the temperature in the oil line and the boiler burners, the thermocouple Omnigrad TSC and a weld-in pipe (form D) are used. The complete measuring point includes the head transmitter TMT:

  • Welded thermowells for high-pressures and high temperatures
  • Head transmitter TMT in two-wire version with HART® protocol

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