Heinrichs provides vortex flow meters with nominal sizes of 15m – 300mm / 12in and temperature ranges of -200°C – 400°C.

The vortex flow meters are used for velocity, temperature, pressure, and energy measurement / monitoring. Up to three analogue outputs are available and a variety of voltage supplies (24VDC loop / 24VDC 4-wire / 230/115VAC).

The DVH in-line vortex flow meter is maintenance-free and has a proven robust design without gaskets. It is available as a flange or wafer version.

With an application range of up to 100bar and from -200°C – 400°C, the units are suitable for nearly all process conditions. The flow meters are available for pipe sizes from DN15 – DN300, or DN15 – DN100 as a wafer version.

Heinrichs also produces a multivariable DVE insertion flow meter for pipes up to DN600 in size. There are many options available to adapt the DVE to your process such as flange or thread connections, compression fittings or packing glands, making it adaptable or upgradable to practically all pipe systems.

The DVE retractor device makes the meter hot tappable, deeming a process shutdown for installation unnecessary.

The DVH and DVE flow meters are useful for steam or hot water applications and are produced with optional inputs to enable the capture of a second temperature measurement, as well as an energy consumption measurement, enabling an optimal and efficient operation of your plant. Powerful sensors and software are directly implemented in the meter itself.

The flow meters’ unique and robust gasket-free design allows for care-free measurements with long-term stability without the burden of maintenance intervals. All internal sensor components are welded, which means less maintenance and administration, resulting in a huge cost benefit for the operator.