Siemens is supplying gas and steam turbines along with generators for the proposed 350MW Chinook combined-cycle natural gas power plant. Credit: Siemens.
A new 230kV overhead transmission line will be constructed to connect the power station to the electric grid. Credit: SaskPower.
Saskpower’s Chinook project is estimated to create approximately 500 construction jobs and 25 operational jobs. Credit: SaskPower.

The Chinook Power Station is a proposed 350MW combined-cycle natural gas-fired power plant to be built near Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Estimated to cost $680m, the project is anticipated to provide clean electricity to approximately 300,000 homes. Saskatchewan Power Corporation (SaskPower), the leading energy supplier in Saskatchewan, will own and operate the plant.

Construction on the power station is expected to commence in 2017, with operations expected to begin in late 2019. The power station is designed with a lifespan of 30 years.

The project is expected to provide approximately 500 jobs during construction and 25 jobs once operational.

Chinook power station location and make-up

The Chinook power station site lies in south-west Saskatchewan, roughly 100 miles (161km) north of the Canada/US border.

The natural gas-fired power station will feature a Siemens SGT6-5000F gas turbine generator, Siemens SST6-900 steam turbine generator, and heat recovery steam generator (HRSG). The HRSG will be a horizontal, natural circulation, three-pressure, reheat-type generator.

Natural gas will be combusted to produce steam that will drive a gas turbine, the mechanical energy from which will be converted into electrical energy by a coupled generator. The hot exhaust gases from the gas turbine will then be used to produce steam in the HRSG. The steam will be transferred to the steam turbine generator to produce additional power.

“Estimated to cost $680m, the project is anticipated to provide clean electricity to approximately 300,000 homes.”

The exhaust from the steam turbine generator will be sent to an air-cooled condenser, which will draw ambient air from the surroundings by utilising fans. Steam condensed by the condenser will then return to the steam cycle as condensate.

Natural gas supply for the Chinook power plant

SaskEnergy subsidiary TransGas will provide natural gas for the power station under a long-term contract. The gas will be supplied through a large-capacity pipeline running close to the plant site.

Chinook power station construction

The powerhouse of the plant will be a 4,400m² T-shape building, which will enclose the gas and steam turbine generators, HRSG, and other balance of plant (BOP) electrical and mechanical equipment.

Other major works will include the construction of an overhead transmission line, underground water line, powerhouse building, multi-purpose building, warehouse, water treatment facility, and switchyard.

A new 25kV overhead transmission line connected to a 2MVA transformer will be constructed. The power line will connect to the Swift Current Switching Station through a 230kV overhead transmission line.

Water for the power station will be supplied from the City of Swift Current through a new underground pipeline from the South Hill Reservoir.

Support infrastructure for the project will include a site access road, administration building and evaporation pond. The site access road will be an all-weather crushed rock road.

Contractors involved

Burns & McDonnell was awarded the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract for the Chinook power plant in September 2016.

Burns & McDonnell contracted Siemens for the delivery of the main components of the power station. The contractual scope includes the supply of one SGT6-5000F gas turbine, SST-900 steam turbine, SGen6-1000A generator and SGen6-100A generator.

Stantec Consulting was awarded the contract to evaluate the environmental effects of the project and prepare the regulatory submission.