Siemens was contracted to supply and maintain 97 wind turbines for the Gode 1 and 2 offshore wind farms. Credit: Siemens.
DONG Energy installed two substation platforms on the Gode 1 and 2 wind farms. Credit: DONG Energy.
Sea Installer was used for installing the 97 wind turbines at the Gode Wind 1 and 2 projects. Credit: A2SEA.

Gode Wind 1 and 2 are a part of three offshore wind projects that were acquired by DONG Energy from PNE Wind for €157m ($193m) in August 2012. The two offshore wind farms were constructed in the German North Sea with a total investment of approximately €2.2bn ($2.4bn). They are situated 33km from the German islands of Juist and Norderney.

Located approximately 45km off the coast of Germany, the two wind farms generate an emission-free power equivalent to the consumption of 600,000 households. It marks an important step in DONG Energy’s target of expanding Germany’s offshore capacity to 6.5GW by 2020.

Permission has been secured from TSO and TenneT to provide unconditional grid connection for the project. Construction started in the first half of 2015 and the wind farms were commissioned in June 2017.

Global Infrastructure Partners acquired a 50% stake in the Gode Wind 1 project for €780m ($875m) in September 2015. DONG Energy earlier sold a 50% stake in Gode Wind 2 to a consortium of Danish pension funds for €600m.

In April 2017, DONG Energy was awarded the right by the Bundesnetzagentur to build the 110MW Gode Wind 3 wind farm.

The final investment decision on the wind farm is anticipated in 2021, with commissioning scheduled for 2024.

Details of Gode Wind 1 and 2

“Described as Germany’s biggest offshore wind farm, the project is comprised of two substation platforms.”

Gode Wind 1 has a capacity of 330MW, while Gode Wind 2 has a capacity of 252MW. The wind farms feature 55 and 42 Siemens wind turbines, respectively. The turbines are rated at 6MW each, with a rotor diameter of 154m.

Described as Germany’s biggest offshore wind farm, the project includes two substation platforms. The substations were tested onshore before installing them offshore.

The wind turbines are linked by 140km-long, 34kV offshore cables to the offshore transformer platform.

The wind farm assets are coated with international protective coatings, such as Interzone 954, Interthane 990, Interzinc 52 and Intergard 475HS, to provide protection from the extreme conditions prevalent in the North Sea and deliver additional colour durability.

Contractors involved with the offshore wind farms

Siemens was contracted to supply wind turbines for the project, as well as to service them for a period of five years. Smulders Group was selected to manufacture the substations.

Nexans entered an agreement with DONG Energy in February 2014 to deliver and install medium-voltage cables for the wind farm.

A2SEA’s offshore installation vessel, Sea Installer, was selected for installing the wind turbines. The subsea infrastructure was coated using protective coatings from AzkoNobel.

Contracts for monopiles fabrication and transition pieces were awarded to EEW and Bladt Industries respectively. CT offshore was selected to provide its cable-laying vessel SIA to install 97 inter-array cables for the project.

GeoSea was awarded a contract to transport and install foundations of the offshore wind farm in December 2013. The work includes installing the monopile foundations.

CWind was selected to supply temporary power services to Siemens as well as provide servicing, repair and maintenance of up to 90 generators and demobilisation. Workboats to carry personnel and cargo to and from the site will also be provided by CWind.