The Herne 6 combined-cycle power plant (CCPP) is being developed by German company STEAG GuD Herne (STEAG) in Herne, Germany. It will have a power generation capacity of more than 600MW and a steam output of 400MW. It will generate electricity and heat for the Rhine-Ruhr region in Germany.

The project is currently awaiting necessary regulatory approvals, which are expected in mid-2019. The final investment decision on the construction of the Herne 6 combined-cycle power plant is expected to follow the approval from regulatory authorities. The new plant is expected to commence commercial operations by the end of 2022.

The project is expected to receive incentives under the Combined Heat and Power Act (KWKG), a German legislative act that aims to increase electricity generation from combined heat and power.

Herne 6 combined-cycle power plant location

The Herne 6 combined-cycle power plant will be built on the site of an existing power plant operated by STEAG in Herne, a town in North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany. The plant serves as the main feed-in point for STEAG’s district heating system.

Herne 6 power plant make-up

The Herne 6 combined-cycle power plant will be equipped with a Siemens steam turbine and H-class gas turbines, which will be manufactured by the company’s Mülheim / Ruhr and Berlin turbine factories, respectively.

“It will be one of the most efficient power plants in the world, with an overall fuel efficiency of more than 85%.”

Herne 6 will be the first single power plant to generate 400MW of district heat through a combined-cycle operation. It will be one of the most efficient power plants in the world, with an overall fuel efficiency of more than 85%.

Dismantling of the building structures of the existing plant and civil engineering work for drainage will be carried out following the approval from regulatory authorities. Preparatory works on the construction site are expected to commence towards the end of 2019.

Siemens SGT5-8000H gas turbine details

The SGT5-8000H gas turbine is the first air-cooled H-class gas turbine suitable for highly-efficient combined-cycle and CHP operations. It has a power output of 450MW in simple cycle and 665MW in combined-cycle operation.

The gas turbine comprises a state-of-the-art combustion system to increase firing temperature and includes an efficient cooling system for blades and vanes. It is designed to operate at a frequency of 50Hz and a turbine speed of 3,000rpm.

Natural gas supply to the combined-cycle power plant

The CCPP will receive natural gas from a new 22km-long natural gas pipeline extending from Datteln in North Rhine-Westphalia, passing through the Recklinghausen district and ending at Herne. From Herne, the pipeline will extend to a point near the proposed site to supply gas to the Herne 6 combined cycle power plant.

The gas pipeline will have a diameter of 60cm and an operating pressure of 70bar. Construction of the pipeline is expected to start in 2019, following the approval procedure for the preparatory works on the project.

Contractors involved

Siemens was appointed as the general contractor for the construction of the combined-cycle power plant. The contract also includes a long-term service agreement for the power plant.

German natural gas company Thyssengas was appointed as the developer and transmission system operator for the planned natural gas pipeline between Datteln and Herne.

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