A new 910MW hard coal-fired unit is being developed at the Jaworzno III power plant site in Poland. Credit: Emerson Process Management.
The new unit will be equipped with Siemens turbine island, featuring a SST5-6000 steam turbine, for power generation. Credit: Emerson Process Management.
Tauron Polska Energia broke ground for the new power generation unit in September 2014. Credit: Mostostal.
The Rafako-Mostostal Warszawa consortium was selected as the turnkey construction contractor for the 910MW unit at Jaworzno III. Credit: Tauron Wytwarzanie.

Tauron Polska Energia is developing a 910MW hard coal-fired power block/unit at its Jaworzno III power plant site in Poland. The new unit is forecasted to generate approximately 6TWh of electricity per annum.

Construction of the new power generation unit began in September 2014 and commissioning is expected in 2019. The construction is expected to take 59 months for completion.

The bituminous coal-fired unit will have an efficiency of 45.91%, making it one of the most efficient steam power plants in Europe. It is expected to reduce CO₂ emissions by approximately 25% and provide new generating capacity that meets the EU’s emission targets.

“The bituminous coal-fired unit will have an efficiency of 45.91%, making it one of the most efficient steam power plants in Europe.”

The new block will replace the older units installed by PKE power and will be equipped with ultra-supercritical steam parameters, which enables highly efficient electricity generation causing lesser emissions.

Jaworzno power plant make-up

The Jaworzno III power plant is an existing hard coal-fired plant with an installed electrical generation capacity of 1,345MW and thermal heating capacity of 50.6MW. Commercially operational since 1976, the plant consists of six units of 225MW each.

The new 910MW power block will use coal from TAURON Group’s Południowy Koncern Węglowy to produce electricity.

The new unit will consist of Siemens turbine island comprising a SST5-6000 steam turbine, a model SGen-3000W generator, a SCon-7000 condenser, a condensate and feed water system, and high-voltage components.

The steam turbine will have a maximum net capacity of 843.5MW. It will consist of a barrel-type high-pressure (H) cylinder, an intermediate-pressure (I) cylinder and up to three double-flow, low-pressure (L) cylinders for 50Hz and 60Hz.

Emerson’s trademarked Ovation control system will be used to monitor and control all major components of the new unit. The coordinated control system will enable faster ramp-ups, optimised production and flexible operation to meet the ever-demanding market needs.

The power plant will also feature Emerson’s Pervasive Sensing technology, which will enable the operators to maintain a comprehensive view of the unit’s operations. In addition, Emerson’s asset management and machinery health technology system will identify potential problems before they affect operations.

The Kozienice Power Station, located in Swierze Górne, is the second biggest power generating facility in Poland.

SCR (denitrification based on catalytic method), IOS (wet FGD) and an electrostatic cooling water system for the wet cooling tower as well as pumps for circulating water will also be installed at the new unit.

Power transmission from the new 910MW unit at Jaworzno III

The unit will be connected to a new 400kV switchgear and will transmit power to the National Power System. The agreement with the Polish Power Grid to leave power and connection block to the 400kV Byczyna station was concluded in May 2012.

Contractors involved

The consortium of Rafako and Mostostal Warszawa was awarded the turnkey contract for the construction of the 910MW unit at Jaworzno III in January 2013.

Siemens was awarded a contract, worth €208m (approximately $219m), by the Rafako consortium for the supply of turbine island for the steam power unit. The contractual scope includes engineering and supply of the turbine island and provision of the required technical consulting services for the installation and commissioning of the supplied components and systems.

Uniserv-Piecbud was awarded the contract for the engineering, delivery and erection of a natural draft cooling tower and its associated equipment for the unit.

PKE Service is responsible for the design, installation, commissioning and performance test run of the external carburising system and its components for the new coal-fired unit.

Emerson Process Management was awarded a $76m contract to automate the unit. Being the main automation and electrical contractor, Emerson is responsible for the design, engineering, installation, commissioning and start-up support services for the power unit.

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