Stadtwerke Düsseldorf is constructing a 595MW combined cycle power plant at Düsseldorf port in Germany.
The Siemens SGT5-8000H gas turbine generates a record level electric output of 595MW along with an energy conversion ratio of 61%. Photo: courtesy of Siemens.
Lausward CCGT power plant is equipped with advanced SPPA-T3000 control system for higher plant efficiency.
The CHP plant is expected to commence operations in 2018.


Stadtwerke Düsseldorf is constructing a 595MW combined cycle gas-turbine based power plant (CCGT) at Lausward, Germany. It will be the largest power plant in Düsseldorf and will use Siemens combined cycle gas and steam turbine technology.

The new CCGT power plant is located on the existing site of Stadtwerke Düsseldorf combined heat and power plant at Düsseldorf port. The combined heat and power (CHP) plant will have an installed capacity of 520MW with 300MW of district heating. It will be operational from 2018.

Lausward combined heat and power plant make up

The plant will have a single shaft combining the gas turbine, generator, and steam turbine together. The Ulrich Hartmann power plant at Irsching also features the same configuration.

The new plant will be installed with Siemens SGT5-8000H gas turbine, SST-500 steam turbine and SGen5-3000W generator.

"The new plant will be installed with Siemens SGT5-8000H gas turbine, SST-500 steam turbine and SGen5-3000W generator."

The H-class combined cycle gas turbine system will generate a record level electric output of 595MW, surpassing the 545MW of Ulrich. With a record energy conversion efficiency of 61%, the turbine system extracts thermal energy of more than 300MW from a single gas turbine power plant block.

The turbine system’s components include an axial 13-stage compressor, a four-stage turbine with stage one single crystal blades and an advanced secondary air system.

The SST-500 steam turbine comprises of combined high pressure/intermediate pressure cylinder. It is a double flow-low pressure cylinder with single-side or double-side exhaust system.

The turbine is capable of working in conventional as well as combined cycle steam generation with an output range of 750MW.

The SGen5-3000W generator is mainly used in plants with 1,300MVA rating. It is a two-pole generator attached to water-cooled stator windings.

Lausward CCGT power plant turbine technology

The hydraulic clearance optimisation (HCO) in the turbine disks helps in power improvement up to 3MW in a combined cycle configuration. The gas requirement is one-third lesser per kilowatt-hour of energy generated when compared with the average consumption of other combined cycle facilities.

"An advanced sealing system enhances the turbine efficiency by minimising the leakage of cooling air gas."

An advanced sealing system enhances the turbine efficiency by minimising the leakage of cooling air gas. The attachment of the Benson boiler with high-pressure and high-temperature combined cycle process improves the turbine efficiency.

High pressure multi-stage compressor blower increases the cooling capacity. Hydrogen-cooled gas is used as coolant instead of air in the rotor winding process.

Lausward CCGT plant is equipped with Siemens Power and Process Automation-T3000 (SPPA-T3000), an advanced instrumentation and controls system which performs all the automation tasks such as turbine control, boiler protection and the integration of third party systems.

Power generation at Lausward CHP plant

The process of power generation at Lausward involves the combustion of natural gas or heating oil to generate combined heat and power steam in a boiler. The generated steam will be converted to rotary motion by the steam turbine and the dynamo in the generator produces electricity.

The residual heat generated from the process will be transferred to the district heating network of Stadtwerke Düsseldorf through a heat exchanger.

Contractors involved with Lausward power plant

The contract for turnkey construction and supply of turbines and generators for the project was awarded to Siemens. The scope of the contract includes the supply of Benson heat recovery steam generator, and the SPPA-T3000 I&C system along with the plant maintenance services. The value of the contract is $653m.

Statoil will supply natural gas for the Lausward CCPP under a 15-year agreement made with Stadtwerke Düsseldorf. The gas delivery is expected to commence from 2016.

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