Vietnam Oil & Gas Group (PetroVietnam or PVN) is constructing a 1,200MW coal-fired power plant known as Song Hau 1. The plant is located in the Song Hau Power Complex situated in Phu Huu A industrial cluster of the Chau Thanh district in Hau Giang Province.

The plant, estimated to cost $1.5bn, is expected to come online in late 2015. It will generate 7.8 billion KWh of power to the national grid upon commencement of operations.

“The fuel will be imported from Indonesia and Australia.”

The plant is designed based on PVN’s Long Phu 1 coal-fired plant which has similar configuration.

The first unit of Song Hau 1 is expected to begin commercial production in 39 months and the second unit in 45 months from the day of commencement of the main contract which was awarded in July 2011.

The plant is of economic significance to the Mekong River Delta in particular and Vietnam in general.

Song Hau 1 technology and plant details

The plant will feature supercritical technology undertaken for the first time in Vietnam. It will comprise of two 600MW supercritical steam turbine generators and boilers.

The balance of plant systems such as coal and ash handling, limestone and gypsum handling, waste and water treatment and auxiliary power equipments will feature modern and efficient technology which will be in conformance with Vietnamese and international emission standards.

The fuel will be imported from Indonesia and Australia.

Development of the Vietnamese coal-fired power plant

The topographic, geological and hydrological survey and the feasibility study (FS) of Song Hau 1 were performed by a consortium of Power Engineering Consulting Joint Stock Company 3 and PV Power PMC2. The consortium performed these studies as part of Song Hau Power Complex project.

The Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Japan International Co-operation Agency (JICA) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) in January 2011.

The MoU called for a detailed research and implementation of the Song Hau 1 project and the survey of fuel supply network, transmission lines and transformer station locations.

The survey was intended to arrange the Japanese official development assistance (ODA) for the project. A team appointed by JICA completed the survey in the second quarter of 2011.

PVN signed the main contract for Song Hau 1 with its subsidiary PetroVietnam Technical Services Corporation (PTSC) in July 2011.

The contract makes PTSC responsible for the procurement, construction, commissioning and handing over of the plant. It also includes works related to transportation, insurance, testing and plant start-up.

A construction agreement was signed with Vietnam Industrial Construction Group (VNIC) in May 2011. The comprehensive cooperation agreement includes provision of construction services for Song Hau 1 and other projects of PVN, such as the Long Phu 1.

Song Hau Power Complex

Song Hau Power Complex is a 5,200MW power centre and is the largest of its kind in Vietnam. Construction of the complex was approved by the Vietnamese Government with an aim to shift focus from hydroelectric power plants.

The complex is spread over an area of 367ha and is designed to house three coal-fired supercritical technology power plants.

Song Hau 1 is the first of the three plants to begin development. The other two proposed power plants are Song Hau 2 and Song Hau 3. The installed capacity of these two plants is 2,000MW each.

“The plant is located in the Song Hau Power Complex.”

Song Hau 1 will have two 600MW turbine generators, while Song Hau 2 and 3 will each have two 1,000MW turbines.

Song Hau 2 is scheduled to break ground in the first quarter of 2013 and come online a year after the start of commercial operations of Song Hau 1. TOYO, a Malaysian group, has shown interest to build Song Hau 2 at an estimated cost of $2.5bn.

PVN, however, has proposed to make adjustments to the original master plan although plans are in place to commence construction of Song Hau 1.

The company proposed to increase the ash pond area of the power complex in order to provide efficient services to the upcoming power plants. PVN has contacted CTTE Consulting & Training for this purpose.

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