Concept: Bosch has launched a human skin temperature detection solution, powered by artificial intelligence. The new contactless screening tool can help to reduce the spread of COVID-19 by quickly and accurately identifying individuals with elevated skin temperatures in any setup.

Nature of Disruption: Bosch’s skin temperature monitoring solution provides a DINION IP thermal 9000 RM camera, a VIDEOJET 7000 decoder (which also operates as a direct monitor output), a temperature reference unit, special keyboard control and a tailored software that helps to detect the abnormalities in skin temperature. The solution can scan people for elevated skin temperatures in the range of 2.5 to 4.5 meters. The built-in AI and advanced video analytics detect faces and the integrated thermal decoder algorithm identifies several hot spots on the face and indicates whether a person has a high skin temperature. It also identifies possible false positives caused by external heat sources. The device features an interface that enables the operators to access temperature alarms and temperature histograms via a USB keyboard.

Outlook: Since the COVID-19 pandemic, maintaining people’s safety has become the main priority for both government and private enterprises. The use of a handheld thermal scanning device at the entry points of the workplace, as well as at any public location has become the new normal. However, these thermal scanners, which were initially designed for industrial use to measure the temperature of large machines, cannot accurately detect individual temperatures. Bosch’s A-powered human skin temperature detection solution can scan individuals for elevated skin temperatures at any place such as airports, shopping malls, manufacturing plants and commercial buildings.

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