Concept: Israeli B2B cyber intelligence startup Cybersixgill has introduced a cyber threat intelligence platform to track dark web activity to improve vulnerability management and incident response. It can assist businesses in reducing the cyber risks faced by closed access forums, paste sites, and instant messaging apps on the deep and dark web. This data lake is combined with patented ML algorithms that allow users to quickly locate information, score risks, and develop profiles of relevant threat actors.

Nature of Disruption: With a fully autonomous threat intelligence solution, Cybersixgill improves cyber resilience and minimizes risk exposure in real-time, bringing agility to cyber protection. It enables organizations to focus on threats and hazards they were previously unaware of, and to proactively detect and guard against vulnerabilities, ransomware, malware, and data leaks only with a few clicks. Organizations can leverage the cyber threat intelligence platform to learn which vulnerabilities can be targeted, as well as gain insights on new threats, patterns, and context on perpetrators and their intentions. To combat ransomware, malicious malware, and vulnerability exploitation, the platform provides real-time alerts and critical context. Businesses can use the dark web to conduct investigations to improve the incident response life cycle. It provides dynamic threat intelligence, allowing users to make the right decision at the right time and in the right location to take appropriate measures. Businesses can customize automated alerts for data breaches, including OCR (optical character recognition) extracted text from images to identify logos and designs. It sends out early warnings about brand abuse, such as rogue apps on app stores. If credit card details are leaked or sold on underground markets, IM (instant messaging) apps, or IRC (Internet Relay Chat) chats, the platform also allows businesses to stop leaks quickly with real-time notifications. Dark web intelligence can provide important information and actionable insights about where an attacker is headed, potential crimes in progress, and crimes that have already occurred.

Outlook: Cybersixgill claims to offer the world’s largest threat intelligence data lake, collecting threat data from the deep and hidden web, the public internet, social media, and other sources automatically. Based on real-time data and insights, it can bring clarity to the vulnerability management process for rapid operations. By collecting a comprehensive and reliable intelligence overview, organizations can better understand how they are being targeted and prioritize their responses. Cybersixgill plans to improve its data collection capabilities for its solutions, which leverage ML and automation to detect early signs of cyber threats via dark web sources. In March 2022, the startup raised $35M in a Series B funding round led by cybersecurity vendor CrowdStrike, to accelerate product development.

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