Concept: American multinational cybersecurity company Palo Alto Networks has launched cloud security offering ‘Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)’ that leverages ML to protect software-as-a-service (SaaS) and collaboration apps. The platform claims to provide capabilities such as automatic application discovery and improved data loss prevention for sensitive data.

Nature of Disruption: CASB uses ML and natural language processing (NLP) to find new apps and detect potential security issues. It integrates with Palo Alto Networks Prisma SASE and Next-Generation Firewalls, offering a simpler and cost-effective approach to CASB. The platform provides better application visibility and accurate threat and content inspection, securing usage of cloud applications for organizations. It can automatically secure numerous SaaS applications such as unsanctioned, tolerated, and sanctioned apps, including collaboration apps. The platform provides real-time protection to sensitive data leveraging comprehensive cloud-delivered enterprise data loss prevention (DLP) that utilizes ML, advanced optical character recognition (OCR), and NLP.

Outlook: SaaS applications are gaining more popularity as a superficial approach to security. The use of these modern collaboration tools has accelerated the growth of a hybrid workforce, challenging the security teams to remain secure. Palo Alto Networks’ CASB aims to help businesses to tackle the SaaS security challenge by automatically securing new applications and sensitive data in real-time. It claims to stop all potential threats with threat detection and prevention. Palo Alto Networks plans to commercialize CASB by 2022 that will be available via the company’s Prisma Access 3.0 platform and all next-generation Firewalls.

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