Concept: American startup, RoboAds has unveiled the world’s first mobile advertising robot called RA-200 for displaying NFT (non-fungible tokens) art and live cryptocurrency pricing. It can be used for indoor advertising and virtual telepresence and allows potential customers to engage with customer service representatives via remote virtual video conversations while moving around.

Nature of Disruption: RA-200 is equipped with four 4K-resolution 55-inch digital signage screens. The robot can either explore on its own or be teleoperated using a PTZ (pan–tilt–zoom camera) that broadcasts video in real-time. It has skid-steering and omnidirectional kinematics based on four high-power motor wheels. A brushless motor and a high-precision odometer sensor are incorporated into each wheel. When in mobility mode, the robot employs the ROS (Robot Operating System) open architecture and is equipped with two lidar scanners that allow it to avoid obstacles.

Outlook: The goal of the signage robot is to increase the impact of mobile indoor and outdoor advertising. It can be used in high-traffic areas including airports, malls, trade exhibitions, metro stations, and other public venues. The robot empowers companies by increasing customer engagement with its unique capability to draw attention and communicate with targeted audiences. This robot has the potential to eliminate outdated static posters and billboards, upgrading the advertising world with exciting futuristic visual experiences.

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