Texaco HDAX 9500 SAE 40 has been developed and designed for applications involving biogas, sour gas, digester gas and landfill gases. Its high-performance formula is optimised to ensure a longer engine life and extended uptime, helping to significantly reduce maintenance costs.

Chevron Corporation is a globally leading integrated energy company with a network of international subsidiaries. Through Texaco Lubricants, the company supplies a comprehensive range of engine oils across Europe, including advanced extended drain gas engine oils.

Improve profitability and reduce maintenance costs

The newly launched, well-balanced Texaco HDAX 9500 SAE 40 extended drain gas engine oil helps to control varnish deposits and carbon formation, providing enhanced anti-scuff and anti-wear performance to reduce downtime and improve profitability. It is formulated with low levels of nitrogen, sulphur and aromatics, and comprises oxidation inhibitors, ash-less dispersants and metal detergents.

HDAX 9500 is recommended for use in four-stroke engines where corrosive wear is a concern due to its anti-corrosive formula, which prevents sludge build up on cylinder liners that disrupt oil flow and reduce oil usage efficiency. Extended drain capacity is achieved even when oil feed rate is kept low due to the combination of good base number retention and oxidation/nitration resistance. Additionally, its specifically formulated ash level protects against valve recession and ash deposit formation in the combustion chamber.

Its robust corrosion control makes the HDAX 9500 ideal for use even in sour gas applications that usually result in the formation of high levels of acidic condensate. It also controls the development of carbonaceous deposits on pistons to ensure efficient piston ring operations and minimising scuffing on cylinder liners.

Approved by original equipment manufacturers

HDAX products have been improving the performance of gas engines for more than 50 years, positioning the company as an industry leader in providing industry solutions. Major OEMs approve HDAX products and their use for a range of applications, including high capacity power generation systems in remote locations where unscheduled downtime has significant consequences.

Chevron Lubricants global brand OEM manager Marty Brown said: “Texaco HDAX 9500 has been formulated to provide advanced deposit, wear, base retention, oxidation and nitration control in high-output 4-cycle natural gas engines operating on landfill or digester gas.

“This premium package can extend oil drain intervals while helping to minimise the negative effects of ash deposits on sensitive engine components. Reduced ash deposits will help to maintain the power output of high BMEP engines equipped with knock sensors in particular.

“HDAX 9500 is designed to provide protection against the corrosive effects of acids commonly found in landfill and digester gas while extending oil drain intervals through enhanced base retention characteristics.”

The Texaco HDAX 9500 extended drain gas engine oil has received manufacturer approvals from INNIO Jenbacher TA 1000-1109, Fuel Class B (biogas and sewage gas) and Class C (landfill gases) for use on the following engines:
• Type 2 and 3
• Type 4 versions A and B
• Type 6 versions C and E