With modern natural gas engines operating at higher temperatures than ever before, there’s now a huge demand for engine oils that can help prevent the build-up of deposits on pistons and cylinders.

To help combat this growing demand, Chevron Lubricants has launched Texaco HAD 9300 SAE 40, a premium performance, medium ash gas engine oil, specially developed for 4-Cycle, High BMEP Steel Piston engines, running on pipeline quality natural gas.

It features modern chemistry designed for use with catalyst systems, and boasts an ash level that has been specially formulated to help protect against valve recession and reduce the formation of ash deposits in the combustion chamber – a known cause of pre-ignition.

The Texaco HDAX 9300 SAE 40 comes to the market with a Type 9 engine approval from INNIO Jenbacher following a successful field trial.

According to Marty Brown, global brand OEM manager at Chevron Lubricants: “Industry knowledge in all aspects of Chevron’s value chain, from additive development to base oils, was instrumental in achieving one of the first formal high BMEP steel piston approvals at INNIO for HDAX 9300.

“HDAX 9300 provides advanced deposit control, in the most modern high Brake Mean Effective Pressure (BMEP greater or equal to 22 bar) steel piston engines running longer and cleaner with improved reliability, alkalinity reserve and retention resulting in an increase in productivity.

“Use of HDAX 9300 in the latest generation of high-output engines that operate in very severe conditions with very high piston temperatures and pressures helps to maintain ring belt cleanliness and cylinder liner protection.”

HDAX 9300 provides protection for engines that are running on natural gas and operating under heavily loaded conditions, including high output 10 MWel class units. When it comes to optimising operation, the product actively promotes wear protection while boosting the ability to increase uptime, productivity efficiency, and longer engine service life.

Other benefits include lower operating and maintenance costs, particularly in operations with tight tolerances and extreme temperatures where oil integrity can help to protect against corrosion and oxidation.

The new product is supported by Texaco Lubewatch, a condition-based monitoring programme which enables customers to track the performance of equipment, and ensure oil replacement intervals are in line with maintenance service intervals from the OEM.

Chevron is an industry-leading energy company, which operates the Texaco brand across Europe. Further information Texaco’s products and services can be found at https://europe.chevronlubricants.com