Mitigating varnish build-up in power generation turbines
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Mitigating varnish build-up in power generation turbines

11 Nov 2021

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Mitigating varnish build-up in power generation turbines

Power generation companies are often contractually obligated to deliver a certain amount of power over a certain amount of time. They are currently facing multiple simultaneous challenges: the reduction in the use of coal, the reduction in the use of nuclear power and the increased use of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind energy, which are not always available on demand. They also must be ready to activate peaking units instantly when demand spikes.

Varnish created by lubricant oxidation in a turbine can cause gas regulation valves to stick and impair oil cooler performance, resulting in serious operational issues or, in the worst case-scenario, in automatic shutdown or failure to start. Not surprisingly, therefore, varnish resistance is a hot topic in the turbine world.

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Free Varnish Testing Guide

A Guide to Varnish Testing Methods

Using proper lubricant storage, handling and transfer techniques in a clean and dry environment will go a long way in helping to control the problems of varnish that can escalate if left untreated.

Proper maintenance schedules and condition monitoring help operators look for evidence of equipment issues and oil testing can aid in deducing suspected problems that varnish can create. Download to read more.

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