Global environmental and emission drivers require (gas engine) OEMs to look at ways to make engine designs more efficient. Current industrial engine technology and design has led to much higher temperatures on pistons than in previous engines, with the latest high BMEP engines made with steel pistons as opposed to traditional aluminium.  

While steel piston technology allows for higher HP, increased compression, and higher combustion temperature, thus making the engine more efficient, such high BMEP engines require a modern technology lubricant that can work at extreme temperatures, with low oil consumption (lower than 0,1 g/kWh) and within the recommended oil drain interval. 


HDAX 9300 SAE 40 is a premium performance, medium ash dispersant/detergent type gas engine oil. HDAX 9300 is designed for high BMEP engines, with low oil consumption, to provide the required oil drain intervals in line with engine service intervals, thus helping to reduce maintenance costs and allow for longer uptime to assist profitability.  

Products wishing to achieve crucial OEM approval require successful field trials run to the individual specification of each OEM. These specifications vary from a minimum of 4,000 operating hours, up to, or even more than, two years in length and sometimes across multiple engines. This is typically followed by a comprehensive inspection by the OEM and Chevron personnel. Chevron are currently running field trials to add additional OEM approvals to HDAX 9300 to reflect the breadth of OEM specification the product is designed to meet. 

Approval update 

At the end of April 2021, INNIO JENBACHER released their Technical Bulletin TA 1000-1109 (Index 24) with approved lubricants for their type 2, 3, 4 and 6 gas engines. The approvals are the result of field trials in four engines equipped with catalysts, which started in October 2018.   

HDAX 9300 is new on the list and is now approved for: 

  • Type 6 version H & K.  
  • Type 6 version F & J* and C & E* 
  • Type 4 version C* 
  • Type 2 & 3* 

At the time of writing this article these engine types are approved in Technical Bulletin TA 1000-1109 and awaiting catalyst approval.  

Please note the following: 

  • HDAX 9300 is already fully approved by INNIO JENBACHER for use in Type 9 engines  
  • HDAX 9200 and HDAX 5200 are also approved products for Type 6 version J and E, Type 4 version C and Type 2 and 3 engines. Both products also have catalyst approval. 

In the INNO JENBACHER Technical Bulletin TA 1000-1109 the products are listed with slightly different names including the reference ‘Low Ash Gas Engine Oil’ the official names for these products are as follows: 

HADX 9300 SAE 40  

HDAX 9500 SAE 40