Positive experiences prove their worth, especially when clients are so happy, they use your company’s products exclusively. MKP Service is one of Germany’s leading service providers of gas engines and generators, carrying out engine maintenance and repair for a number of manufacturers, including MTU, INNIO Jenbacher and MWM. Its service work covers complete installation, including generator and control technology. Because of the precise nature of its work, the company has exclusively used Texaco Lubricants products for the past three years. GM of MKP Service Peter Czischke says that the quality of Texaco HDAX gas engine oils and dedicated coolants and the company’s reliable and rapid service are key factors in their decision to only use the Texaco brand.

“We feel it’s important to use Group II base oils in engine oils, because these base oils offer the best service life in gas engines Texaco is one of the most important manufacturers of these base oils,” explains Czischke. “Texaco HDAX gas engine oils are based on Group II base oils, and thanks to their formula, they noticeably reduce combustion-chamber deposits and extend oil-change intervals. Cleaning combustion chambers is a big job, so it makes a huge difference if that isn’t necessary until after 10,000, 12,000 or 15,000 hours as opposed to just 3,000 or 4,000 hours.”

A substantial proportion of maintenance work involves cleaning combustion chambers. In its gas engine business, MKP Service uses Texaco HDAX 5200, 6500, 7200 and 9200 gas engine oils to reduce combustion-chamber deposits. In fact, if the engine in question has been filled by the manufacturer with oil from another supplier, MKP will undertake a full oil change.

The company uses the Texaco Lubewatch Oil Analysis Programme to determine oil change intervals. It provides easy-to-understand results and allows for straightforward documentation of maintenance history. Specially trained staff work with the customer to decide on this basis when to carry out an oil change. MKP Service also uses Texaco Delo XLC and XLI coolants to help prevent deposits.

The German firm also turns to Texaco HDAX gas engine oils for engines subjected to high thermal loads. Experience shows that engines using Texaco HDAX gas engine oils have no discernible unintended combustion. They demonstrate long service life and a very low tendency to form deposits. This reduces costs associated with breakdown and maintenance and extends engine lifespan.

According to Czischke, the supply chain is another extremely important criterion in the selection of engine oil. This pairs with an urgent need to avoid unplanned machine downtime. Texaco Lubricant’s service is fast and reliable – from availability when placing orders through to delivery.

Deposits are a critical issue with coolants, too. Clogged heat exchangers can have a major impact on the cost-effectiveness of an installation. MKP Service also uses Texaco Delo XLC and XLI coolants, as Texaco Delo silicate-free coolant additives have no problem coping with the high temperatures in modern installations.