Providing good service and keeping customers happy are what every company wants and when a client’s wishes are exceeded, it’s helpful to keep track of what made them happy.

H.G.S. GmbH, an Engie subsidiary that services engines, discusses why they only use Texaco Lubricants’ products. According to the German company, many parameters of a gas engine oil’s performance are far more important than the price per litre. For example, says Jan Völkel, head of key account management at H.G.S., maintaining operational reliability, extended oil change intervals and increased engine service life are key factors and influence cost-effectiveness far more than oil price.

Over and above product quality, Völkel explains, H.G.S. is also impressed by Texaco Lubricant’s service provision: “Texaco Lubricant’s technical support is extremely good. Adapting to the latest technology, such as steel pistons, works completely seamlessly. The total package of product and service is compelling.”

Of equal importance for Völkel is rapid product availability.

“The necessary Texaco Lubricants gas engine oils and other lubricants were always available for fast supply in the desired quantities, even for unplanned repairs,” he says.

The company relies on Texaco Lubricants for coolants and corrosion protection products used in cooling systems. One critical factor for coolant additives is the avoidance of deposit formation. Modern, extensively decontaminated engines run at higher operating temperatures, which puts considerable strain on coolants. Even under these aggravated conditions, H.G.S. has found Texaco Delo XLC and XLI coolants to be reliable, with virtually no evidence of deposits and corrosion even after lengthy running times.

Texaco HDAX 6500 and 9200 gas engine oils account for around 90 percent of lubricants used by H.G.S. – and that’s been the case for several years. The company works with an exceptionally diverse array of engines powered by natural gas, landfill gas, marsh gas, biogas and sewage gas. Texaco Lubricants offers a compelling all-encompassing package that presents a reliable basis for the work carried out by the engine service provider.

In Germany, H.G.S. GmbH is a leading service provider for the maintenance, repair and operation of combined heat and power plants (CHP). It is part of Engie, an international company in the energy sector that plans, builds and manages installations in coordination with public or private customers.

Frequent engine problems identified by the company include gas and water leakage as well as combustion-chamber deposits. The maintenance department of H.G.S. conducts more than 4,000 oil analyses every year in order to optimise oil change intervals and improve breakdown resilience. When it comes to oil analysis processes, H.G.S relies on a monitoring tool developed in-house that delivers easy-to-understand analysis results quickly to the mobile devices used by its service technicians. Using Texaco lubricants helps prevent breakdowns caused by these frequent issues.