French consultancy firm Capgemini has released a report into the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on the world’s energy landscape, with key takeaways including a need for companies to embrace greater digitisation at work, and more flexibility in operating processes, as the virus continues to spread.

The report, ‘Energy & Utilities: Operating in the “new normal”’ notes that the lockdown measures being put in place across the world have the potential to significantly disrupt traditional means of working and economic models; with employees in many sectors unable to go to work, there is a risk of intense decline in both economic production and energy demand. The report cites a 6.8% contraction in China’s GDP in the first quarter of the year, and International Energy Agency figures which point to a decline in daily oil demand of 29 million barrels per day, as evidence of the parallel challenges facing economic and energy infrastructure.

Read more about Capgemini’s report here.