2 July

The Indian government has decided to extend the deadlines of renewable energy projects because of post-Covid-19 lockdown disruption. Projects will get a 68-day deadline extension to cover the period of the country’s lockdown. On top of this, companies will get an additional 30 days to overcome the disruption.

ArcelorMittal has launched a request for information to recruit independent power producers (IPP). The company intends to sign power purchase agreements with IPPs to build, own, and operate six solar projects in South Africa. All submissions have to be made by 28 August.

Four Spanish electricity companies have closed eight out of their 15 coal-fired power plants to comply with a European directive on cleaning up their emissions. The coalition of energy companies said these plants together generated 5.16GW of power. This comes almost 18 months after Spain closed its last coal mines.

The Government of Poland has signed an agreement with lobby groups and industry to develop offshore wind farms in the Baltic Sea in order to slash its dependence on coal. Poland generates almost 80% of its electricity from coal. The country aims to have its first wind farm operational by 2025 and raise the total offshore wind capacity at 10GW by 2040.