16 September

According to the Nuclear Industry Association, the number of people employed in UK nuclear remained steady despite the Covid-19 pandemic. The association’s annual Jobs Map shows 59,584 employed in the civil nuclear sector across the UK in 2020. This number is a slight increase from 2019.

The Government of Australia has set out a strategy to improve supply of gas and bring down energy prices, including a possible gas-fired power plant funded by the state. This strategy forms part of an economic boost package as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The proposals come after the government faced pressure from the manufacturing sector to boost gas supplies and lower prices. However, the power industry and green groups criticised the move, saying it moved the industry in the wrong direction, reported Reuters.

US-based Nexamp has acquired a portfolio of ten community solar projects, generating 50MW, from Dimension Energy. The projects will allow residential customers of Central Maine Power and Versant Power to subscribe to a part of a project’s production and receive savings through credits on their monthly electricity bills. Nexamp will be responsible for building the assets and managing customer subscriptions with its in-house teams as the long-term project owner.