10 August

Belarusian authorities have started fueling the first of two reactors at its Astravets nuclear power plant. Russian state nuclear agency Rosatom built the plant, financed by Russia with a $10bn loan. Construction of the second reactor is slated to conclude in 2022, and will double the facility’s capacity to 2.4GW.

The tender for developing a 200MW solar photovoltaic power plant in a West Nile area has been cancelled by Egyptian Electricity Transmission.  The tender was cancelled as the country currently has surplus electricity, because of lower demand during the Covid-19 pandemic, Daily News Egypt reported citing informed sources. However, the other 600MW projects in West Nile area will continue.

Shanghai Aiko Solar Energy is reportedly planning to construct photovoltaic cell manufacturing facilities in Zhejiang province of China. Bloomberg reported it will use an investment of $2.87bn (CNY20bn) to construct the plants, which will have a total annual capacity of 36GW, lasting for seven years. The first phase of construction will begin this month, and the facility will start production in December.

The Global Wind Energy Council anticipates that by 2030, global offshore wind capacity will surge to more than 234GW. This comes from 29.1GW at the end of 2019, led by phenomenal growth in the Asia-Pacific region. Over 205GW of offshore wind power capacity will come online by 2030, which will include at least 6.2GW of floating offshore wind turbines. This represents an increase of 15GW from the forecasts made before Covid-19.