3 June

The Chinese government will attempt to stick to its original timetable for removing renewable energy subsidies even though the Covid-19 pandemic has delayed many projects. This is part of a plan to make wind and solar compete with coal power on price and bring ‘grid parity’. As per the plan, onshore wind power projects would get no more subsidies after 2021.

An employee at Tesla’s solar panel factory in Buffalo, New York has reportedly tested positive for Covid-19, The Verge has reported. This is the fourth known case of Tesla employee testing positive for the disease since the company reopened its facilities in the US in May.

The roll-out of smart electricity meters plunged by 15% in the UK in the first quarter. According to the latest report from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), only 980,000 smart meters were deployed during this period. The installations of smart and advanced meters in smaller non-domestic sites also fell by 31% to 22,000 during the quarter.

India’s Adani Transmission (ATL) has said the country’s lockdown has delayed the execution of its under-construction projects and led to cost escalation. Projects have been delayed due to the needed workforce being unavailable. Delay in receiving multiple regulatory approvals has also led to a cost increase.