28 October

Indian Renewable Energy Ministry extended the exemption for achieving the Bueau of Indian Standards (BIS) certification to solar module manufacturers with a generation capacity of less than 50MW. The exemption is subject to manufacturers obtaining a valid International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) certification. The announcement was made after the Indian solar industry body raised concerns about the coronavirus pandemic disrupting the industry’s activities.

The Covid-19 pandemic and related lockdowns are expected to continue to cast a shadow over electricity demand in the US even after normalcy is restored, according to a report from Columbia University. Industrial experts forecast that the domestic and residential power consumption will undergo paradigm shift after the lockdown and restrictions are lifted. Electricity use in the US is expected to remain 1.6% to 4% below 2018 levels.

The rooftop solar installations in Australia during September declined by 57MW compared to the same period in 2019. The rooftop connections in the country gradually increased over the past few years, with the cumulative rooftop capacity touching 12.1GMW in September 2020. Electricity demand continues to be impacted due to the Covid-19 restrictions imposed in Victoria and New South Wales, according Australian Energy Market Operator.