20 April

The Indian Government is reportedly working on a financial package for power distribution companies affected by a sharp dip in demand in the wake of the coronavirus lockdown. The measures include creating an alternative investment fund to settle their dues towards electricity generation companies, news agency PTI reported, citing an undisclosed source.

The disruption and the drop in electricity demand caused by the Covid-19 pandemic may result in coal production declining by 25% in the US this year. Associated Press reported that operations at mines in Pennsylvania, Illinois and Virginia have been temporarily halted to limit the spread of the coronavirus. Some mining companies are operating only two or three days a week.

More workers associated with the Grand Forks wind power plant operated by a subsidiary of General Electric have tested positive for Covid-19. Out of the 90 new cases reported by North Dakota on Saturday, 66 cases were related to the outbreak at the LM Wind Power facility, taking the total to 110.

Russian thermal power stations are delaying planned inspection and repair work as the Covid-19 outbreak has affected their access to foreign specialists. They are also experiencing a shortage of supplies of imported as well as locally manufactured spare parts, Al Jazeera reported.