19 November

Electricity consumption in UK dropped by 20% to 30% during the Covid-19 pandemic-induced lockdown. In the same period, the generation share of renewables rose substantially. Thanks to the reduced consumption, the UK registered a low-carbon intensity for power output of 21g of CO₂ per kWH during the lockdown period.

UK-based energy firm SSE plans to increase its renewable energy production by three-fold by the end of decade. It believes investment into low-carbon infrastructure will enable the country to recover from the ongoing pandemic crisis. The company has started building the world’s largest offshore wind farm in North Sea, as part of its plan to invest roughly $10bn in clean energy in the country.

Wind turbine maker Vestas will lay off 200 workers operating at its blade factory in Colorado in mid-January next year. The company expects market volumes in US to diminish in the near future. The job cuts will reduce the workforce at Brighton factory to about 300. Previously, Vestas also halted production of V136 blades at the factory owing to demand slump for the turbine design.