The CEOs of ten leading energy companies have written an open letter to the European Commission (EC), urging the group to prioritise hydrogen generation as part of Europe’s clean energy future.

The letter, signed by companies as varied as Akuo Energy, Ørsted and Vestas, calls on the EC to embrace hydrogen in its upcoming “green recovery plan”. Said plan is set to be released on Wednesday and will set out the long-term power plans for Europe to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic, and transition to a cleaner energy mix. Hydrogen, as a power source, is typically thought of as a by-product of installing carbon capture hardware at natural gas plants, but the letter’s signatories are eager to highlight the potential of electrolysis of water, an alternative process that can produce hydrogen without environmental damage.

“Hydrogen produced via electrolysis, powered by 100% renewable electricity, has zero greenhouse gas emissions,” wrote the companies’ executives.

Read more about the companies’ letter here.