FuelCell has announced the sale of a 1.4MW DFC1500 power plant to UTS Bioenergy to be installed at the Santa Clara Water Pollution Control Plant in San Jose, California, US.

Santa Clara Water Pollution Control Plant will buy the power generated under a 20-year power purchase agreement and the project is eligible for a grant under the California Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP).

DFC fuel cells deliver continuous base-load power, which is critical to the operation of a wastewater treatment plant and reduces reliance on the transmission grid.

UTS Business Development vice-president Arun Sharma said fuel cells offer reliable base-load power due to their ability to operate on renewable biogas.

The Santa Clara Water Pollution Control Plant is the largest advanced wastewater treatment facility in the western US treating the wastewater from 1.4 million people and 17,000 businesses within an eight-city service area.

FuelCell will service the power plant under a long-term service agreement and the unit is expected to be operational in early 2012.