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Aerodynamic profiles and energy efficiency: Sorting fact from fiction in air filtration

Free Whitepaper Sorting fact from fiction in air filtration Is it possible to meet stringent energy conservation requirements whilst still…

Meet the expert with Chevron’s Michael Guelck 

With over 32 years specialising in the worldwide gas engine market, Michael Guelck, Chevron Lubricants business developer for gas engine products, spoke to Power Technology about the issues facing natural gas engines today, and what is most concerning their customers.

Texaco lubricants: driving the performance and reliability of gas engines forward

Efficient, clean engines and optimised gas engine drain intervals minimise operating costs and maximise profitability. Texaco Lubricants field-test gas engine products and services to the landfill gas, natural gas, digester and biogas industries, drawing on more than 45 years’ of experience.

Using data to create flexible power generation

The energy sector is in the grip of a radical transformation as renewables play an increasingly large role in the energy mix, transforming the nature of power supply and demand.