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The IAEA’s LEU Bank opens in Kazakhstan

The IAEA has officially opened its LEU bank in Kazakhstan, a facility which will soon provide a safe and assured supply of nuclear fuel for member states. Molly Lempriere attended the opening.

Has an Anglo-Indian project finally cracked carbon capture?

Technology developed by carbon dioxide separation specialist Carbon Clean Solutions is being used at a 10MW coal plant in India, capturing 97% of its emissions at a fraction of the cost. Julian Turner talks to CEO Aniruddha Sharma about revolutionising the carbon capture and utilisation industry.

Made in China: exporting Chinese nuclear technology to the UK

The proposed 3,200MW nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point in Somerset could be a defining step on China’s journey to becoming the world’s leading exporter of affordable civil nuclear tech. Julian Turner analyses the £18bn project and traces China’s ascendency as a purveyor of nuclear power.

Digital technologies: the key to unlocking wave energy?

While wave energy represents a huge source of renewable energy, it is yet to make the impact of wind and solar. But could using new digital technologies help ocean power achieve its potential? Shalinee Kishore, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering at Lehigh University, explains to Abi Millar how new research into cyber-physical integration could unlock its commercial potential.

Could water scarcity stop the shale gas revolution in its tracks?

The planet’s shale resources, if all developed, could increase our supply of natural gas by 47%, but will water scarcity get in the way? Elly Earls finds out.

Fighting fossil fuels: divestment movement continues to grow

In 2012, a new campaign was formed in the US to spearhead the movement to divest in fossil fuels. Fossil Free, a project of, has since grown exponentially, claiming last year that organisations – ranging from healthcare, religious groups, universities and local governments – had agreed to divest $50bn. Gary Peters reports.

Lighting the future: The rising stock of Gallium nitrade

Heralded as the most important semiconductor since silicon, gallium nitride holds potential for many important applications, such as LEDs, and could be the key material for the next generation of high-frequency, high-power transistors. Ross Davies asks what all the fuss is about?

Moorside nuclear power plant: far from a done deal

Plans in Cumbria to build Europe’s largest power plant have been cemented after Toshiba and GDF Suez signed a deal to develop the site. But big questions remain over the design of the plant and the future of the nuclear power industry in the UK.

Germany’s power market: could coal reliance reign in this renewable powerhouse?

Germany has witnessed a surge in renewable technology ever since the decision in 2011 to do away with nuclear power. Critics however, doubt the country will be able to meet ambitious C02 unless coal can be cut out of the equation, GlobalData Senior Power Analyst Chiradeep Chatterjee reports.