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Florence Jones

Florence is a staff writer across energy titles and a graduate of MLitt Global Social and Political Thought.

From a fringe technology to the mainstream: Optimising supply chains for the electric vehicle era. 

As EV adoption reaches a tipping point between a fringe technology and the mainstream Florence Jones speaks with EY Global Energy & Resources Leader Serge Colle to discuss how the global supply chain can collaborate more meaningfully.

Researchers develop efficient catalyst for green hydrogen generation 

The new catalyst will reduce the cost of the electrolysis process used to produce hydrogen from electricity.

Plastic pyrolysis: Producing liquid fuels from waste plastic

Plastic pyrolysis promises to make usable fuel from waste, but some claim that the industry is not as green as it makes out. Florence Jones talks to Stellar 3 CEO and Co-Founder Dan Nienhauser about the challenges of plastic pyrolysis.

EDF acquires solar energy company SAS Energy  

EDF will take on 45 of the company’s projects in construction and development.

UK tidal energy project in talks with investors following extensive delays 

The project seeks to install seabed turbines off the south of the Isle of Wight, an island off the south coast of England.

UK Government launches £1bn household insulation scheme 

The UK currently has some of the worst-insulated housing in Europe.

US and Vietnam secure mineral and semiconductor deal  

The deal comes amid diplomatic tensions between the US and its main competitor China.

G20 leaders reach a deal on renewables but not oil and gas phase-out 

The conclusions from this weekend’s negotiations will set the stage for the COP28 climate summit taking place in the United Arab Emirates this November.

Report: US solar industry to expand by record 32GW in 2023 

The figures represent a 52% growth in the market when compared to 2022.

Over 50MW of tidal stream capacity secured in UK contracts for difference 

Tidal stream is a predictable renewable energy resource that generates electricity from floating or seabed turbines.