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Good governance: ESG needs at the Sofia project

RWE is putting its ESG commitments to the test at its Sofia offshore wind project. Giles Crosse asks how the facility could prove the company’s commitments to compliance.

Green steam: heat recovery, and power generation in the clean energy transition

Could steam capture and utilisation bring sustainability and circularity to a range of industrial processes? Giles Crosse investigates.

Small-scale funding, large-scale potential: inside the UK’s smart metering projects

Could a generation of new projects help deliver more effective smart meters for energy management in the UK? Giles Crosse investigates.

Projects, pipelines and power: around the world’s tidal projects

Giles Crosse reviews the world’s tidal power projects, to ask what the future could hold for this as-yet-undeveloped energy source.

A new dawn: what are the potential renewable energy impacts of the Inflation Reduction Act?

The ground-breaking Inflation Reduction Act could change the future of US power, with a new focus on renewable and clean energy investment.

Japanese geothermal: can Japan really scale subterranean power?

With a sudden increase in geothermal power in Japan, and ongoing energy policy debate, Giles Crosse looks at the future of Asian geothermal.

Inside the UK’s latest offshore wind research accelerator

A collaborative research accelerator project could help bring cutting-edge innovation to the UK’s offshore wind sector.

Growing the hydro pipeline

We ask whether the International Hydropower Association can grow the hydro pipeline with its latest project.

Power for the people: the energy impacts of the Ukraine invasion

Giles Crosse investigates how providing for those displaced by the crisis involves more than supplying just food and medicine.